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Available NOW from our publishing section “Access Books”

OUR LATEST BOOK: “Really Useful Knowledge”  A social history of the community that can truly be termed a “Learning Town” from Georgian times to the present day • Produced for the 2018 Colchester Festival of Lifelong Learning • Available now for only £6.50 from Red Lion Books, High Street or for POST FREE mail order see below.

* TO ORDER: send either (a) your cheque payable to “Learning Never Stops” or (b) proof you have made a payment to our LEARNING NEVER STOPS HSBC account sort code 40-18-04 account 51725289 to: Access Books, Willow Cottage, Staffords Corner, Great Wigborough, Colchester CO5 7RP (being sure to include full contact details) and you’ll get it by return post.

          “Grey Friars – Opening the Door to Adult Education” by Dorothy Schwarz, Maggie Freeman, Alan Skinner. Foreword by Baroness Helena Kennedy Q.C. The story of the adult college told through inspirational examples from just a few of the tens of thousands of people who have gone through that blue door to learn, work or support adult education in Colchester. Excellent colour illustrations. £7.99 post free*

 “Pictures from the Past – Memories of Colchester County High School by Joan Gurney. A lavishly-illustrated book based on postcards produced in the 1920s supported by fascinating anecdotes from when Grey Friars and North Hill were the two centres of the Colchester County High School for Girls. £4.50 post free*

 “Ginny Saunderson” by E. Joan Gray. The story of a family living in London in the first half of the C20th. Joan, a long-standing student at Grey Friars in its days as an adult college, tells of a ‘good’ childhood in a period of adversity, poverty, war – before the NHS. Authenticity of period detail and vivid recall make this a riveting read. £6 post free*

“Grey Friars – Colchester’s Forgotten Corner” by Joan Gurney and Alan Skinner. The definitive work on nearly 2,000 years of history on one site! Lavishly illustrated in colcour and packed with information.  ONLY £10 post free*


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