Heritage Weekend 2017

Today’s event overwhelming – over 100 visitors and the history walking tours were rammed!

For tomorrow (Sunday) please be aware that the exhibition is still freely available, but places on the tours are almost fully pre-booked by people reluctantly turned away today.

Still a lovely place to be, however, and you’re welcome to look around the exhibition and rummage through the artefacts. Also various books for sale at much reduced prices!

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    Laurence Jolit-Dewey

    To Jenny and Alan
    I didn’t get to say goodbye yesterday after the tour so hope this message gets to you.
    It has been really nice to see you both again and so passionately involved in the place that was our college as well as a lovely place to work from 1992 until 2007 (for me).
    A huge thank you for the heritage tour which all three of us found really interesting and informative. The hotel is stunning but part of me still prefer the building as it was then.
    However it is great that it can open to the public in this way. Best wishes
    Laurence and family