THIS WEEK! Thur 5th July • 10am-6pm • Exhibition and FREE Illustrated Talks

Firstsite, Lewis Gardens, off High Street opposite Grey Friars • 10am-6pm • ALL FREE


Charting the site’s development, architecture & social history from Roman times to C21st • Documents   • Photographs   • Hands-on artefacts   •  Video • Memorabilia  •  Books – incl. our new book “Really Useful Knowledge”


Lavishly-illustrated lectures on aspects of the Grey Friars site’s ownership, function, architecture, educational and social history:

• 3pm – Grey Friars – 1,000 years of history on one site

• 4pm – Really Useful Knowledge – 200 years of adult learning in Colchester

To download a leaflet on this event click here> 2018 Colchester Festival of Lifelong Learning flyer


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      Alan Skinner Post author

      Yes, plenty. Opposite, at Grey Friars, off the High Street, via Roman and Castle Roads with a pedestrian exit onto the High Street ans across to Lewis Gardens. Also, off Roman Road on the corner, although this is a small site. And a larger car park in Priory Street, off Queen Street. Drive right to the end and walk out onto East Hill, then up the hill to Lewis Gardens.