The Grey Friars book is at the printer’s!

GF BOOK COVER FINAL for webHaving called a halt to the many revisions taking place as a result of new discoveries, clarifications and additions (many as a result of ever-widening community involvement), the project team have sent the book to be printed.

The on-going “Sharing Heritage” aspect of the project will now hand over to this website to keep the momentum going. Keep sending us your memories, photos, information and contacts so we can constantly update our knowledge of this fascinating corner of our historic town.

The book will be available from Red Lion Books, High Street, Colchester from the beginning of December. At only £10 it’s an ideal Christmas present for friends and family!

For further information, click on the green Where to Buy button at the bottom of this page.

Why not combine it with one of our other books? Click the View Publications button on the Where to Buy page.

Live in the Roman Road, Castle Road, High Street / East Hill area? Call in to see us at the Foresters Arms on Monday 8th December between 2pm and 9pm to see an exhibition and to buy the book.


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    Lifelong Learner

    Had many good years at the college, gained many qualifications, loved the place! Can’t wait for the book. looks fascinating.

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      Yes. Some really interesting and stimulating courses including a qualification that I’m still using for occasional employment in retirement! On a different level my friend’s life was changed for the better when she progressed through to degrees and a doctorate.

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    Project Team

    Thank you for your kind comments. Others share your views, see earlier news post “News Article Prompts Responses” for further contributions. The book is now available at Red Lion Books in the High Street or in the post, see the “Where to Buy” page. Thanks again, we hope you enjoy the story of the site, which has a fascinating history.