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Do You Know About Grey Friars? Have Your Say
Grey Friars in Period Newspapers

A new series of resources added below as they come available … Grey Friars in Period Newspapers…

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CCHS winter uniform 1924
Colchester County High School for Girls (CCHS) – more material

As part of our on-going “Sharing Heritage” social history project, we are constantly sorting through material relevant…

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Col Corp Daimler East Hill Hillcrest
Location, Location – near the Bus Station!

This transport-themed Grey Friars memory was a hit on Facebook. Within a few days of being loaded onto…

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What did mediaeval Grey Friars look like?

This is one of the great mysteries of Colchester’s past. There is no doubt that the Grey…

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Siege of Colchester – Grey Friars connections

In 1648 the town’s citizens were caught up in the conflict between the Royalists and the Parliamentarians….

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A new fully-illustrated ‘time line’ chart has been published following the Heritage Weekend tours of the Grey…

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Stunning Georgian Architecture Revealed

See over 60 photos of Grey Friars interior features in the new resource posting. Just click on…

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Edward G and Adria M Fenn at GF
Who lived here?

The Grey Friars site is a fascinating corner of Colchester. We are often asked who lived here….

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Convent class 1911 detail
The first school at Grey Friars

100 years of educational use began when the nuns of the Convent of Nazareth extended the buildings…

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GF arboretum distance plus trees
The Grey Friars Gardens – MUCH LOVED TREES

The Spring 2016 edition of the CCHS Alumnae newsletter included an article by Joan Gurney in which…

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PO Directory 1874 for web
Family connection discovered!

Rosemary Jewers writes: “On 8th June 2015 members of the Colchester Civic Society were invited to view…

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Convent class 1911 web
The Convent Era – more material

The census of 1911 shows occupation of both Grey Friars (including Hillcrest) and All Saints House by…

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grey friars
Colchester County High School – memories and photos

Malcolm has kindly donated this photograph, found in the Castle Bookshop’s closing-down sale. It shows CCHS pupils…

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Roman & Castle Roads

Following the launch of our book about the site, kindly hosted by the Foresters Arms, we have…

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Is this what mediaeval Grey Friars looked like?

     Dr John Ashdown-Hill (of ‘finding Richard III’ fame), a leading academic in the field of mediaeval…

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Grey Friars Guild from Gazette
Grey Friars Guild

The Community in the College The GREY FRIARS GUILD commenced in 1984 and we have just completed…

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STRATEGY for an inclusive student profile in adult education

This policy paper was produced by our charity in 2007 in response to both Essex County Council’s…

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Grey Friars Architectural Tour – section by section

This resource contains section-by-section descriptions of the architecture of the buildings in the complex. Taken from Joan Gurney’s…

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GF Stukeley REDUCED for WEB
Grey Friars site timeline leaflet

An at-a-glance, simplified illustrated time line of the site’s history from the Roman period to the present…

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img089 REDUCED for WEB
They worked on the dome (+ a 1950s school memories – A Boy in Short Trousers)

(left – the dome before restoration, covered by the ‘greenhouse’, itself deteriorating badly) Owen Hay wrote ……

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