1915 Convent Postcard joins the archive

On its way to the Essex Record Office when the rest of the archive is donated (within the next year) will be this rare postcard written from Grey Friars to Paris during the First World War from Jeanne – addressed to Madame Andre Gueriu, 5 Rue de l’Universite

The picture shows the northern end of the convent chapel, on the ‘stage’ in front of the stained glass windows. The room later┬ábecame the gym and assembly hall for CCHS; the main hall for the adult college, and is now the hotel’s restaurant.

The message reads: “Best wishes to you and yours, my dear aunt. I often think of you and pray for you all, but I shall do so even more especially at the beginning of this new year. How is Albert? And the little ones? Give Marguerite my love, but my very best love I send to you. Your niece who loves you, Jeanne”