JULY 2015 UPDATE: Contributions flood in!


Contributions continue to flood in! Amongst them have been … Ashley of Castle Road kindly invited us to view documents relating to his house and its early C20th confectioner owner, plus an intriguing look at one of the ‘cottages in the garden’ characteristic of the area, which may have been a Quaker bakehouse … …

Atmospheric photos from Rosie (Roman Road) and John (Castle Road)  – not a car in sight in either … …  A fascinating set of papers with a photo from a family with generations of connections in Roman Road … …  And the latest … from Donald Shimmin of the Colchester Archaeological Trust, a postcard from the Convent era discovered by a colleague – another missing link!

**ROGER DENNIS HAS SHARED SOME OF HIS RESEARCH INTO THE HISTORY OF ROMAN ROAD** Click on the Resources section in the menu at the top of the screen and go to the Roman Road page.

Keep it coming everybody! Please spread the word and help to build up even more shared knowledge of the area’s rich past.


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