Family connection discovered!

We have been contacted by Rosemary Jewers, following her reading of the section in our book that deals with families occupying Grey Friars before it became a Convent School.

It transpires that Rosemary is related to the Fitzroy Wilson family.    

The Post Office Directory of Essex, 1874, shows Captain Fitzroy Wilson resident at ‘Grey friars, East hl’ (sic). With not even the Post Office getting the address correct, this illustrates one of the pitfalls in tracing occupancy of premises throughout history. ‘Greyfriars’, ‘81 High Street’, and simply ‘High Street’ (with no indication of precise location) have been versions of the address used in various listings.

She has sent us a piece she has written for a family history website. To access her contribution, click on the Resources button on the top menu bar.

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