It’s never too late to learn!

This project’s parent local adult education charity has honoured three adult learners for their achievements on recent courses.

As part of the annual Festival of Learning, the charity CALA (Colchester Adult Learning Assistance) invites nominations for awards to learners whose stories can inspire others. A spokesman said, “Although we are choosing only three of countless dedicated adults, it is hoped that their success will provide encouragement to others. It really is never too late to learn, whatever your age or situation.”

Mark, in a Tai Chi class, demonstrated strong determination to take a full part despite serious health issues. His tutor nominated him as a result of his classmates’ high respect and his motivational presence.

Benjamin has been a significant participant in his maths class, working hard and willing to help both tutor and classmates.

Claire has progressed through various levels of dressmaking courses and produced some beautiful items. Willing to try new techniques, she is about to move on to fashion and pattern cutting.

The awards are named in honour of Frank Brown (1924-2014), a Trustee of the charity since inception, and before that a whole-hearted supporter of the Members’ Association and the Guild in the former Grey Friars adult college. Frank’s enthusiasm for learning throughout life is commemorated in this scheme.

The Festival of Learning (previously Adult Learners’ Week) is a national celebration of lifelong learning, with ‘Have a Go’ learning and other events taking place during May and June. To see more visit or enquire at your local library.

Student Awards 2016

Photo, left to right: Amanda Olley (Essex County Council) was a guest at the presentations to students Benjamin Andrew, Claire Lawrence, Mark Grenville Giddings, with Sir Bob Russell (CALA President).

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    Lifelong Learner

    Good for them – and good for the charity! It is a pity Colchester has been robbed of its special college for adults, but this kind of thing keeps the spirit alive at least. Let’s hope it will inspire more people to take part, and keep their minds alive, even though the choice is much narrower than before.

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      Project Team

      Thanks. Yes, there’s still a lot going on even though it lacks a focus. Although there isn’t any more a planned and balanced curriculum as such, there are still some good opportunities. It’s just a matter of finding out who offers them, where and when – not so easy now that the town centre venues of Grey Friars College and the Learning Shop (once next to Jack’s) have closed. Libraries could still help, however.

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        Old Codger

        There’s still plenty to learn c/o WEA, U3A, private classes, clubs and societies like the Friends of Museums, Colchester Archaeological Group etc. But you do have to look hard (no main college for adults now, admittedly, and no Learning Shop – they were SO helpful) but it’s well worth it to keep your mind alive. Don’t give up, or you’ll regret it. P.S. Can’t the charity help bring it all together? Just a thought.