What did mediaeval Grey Friars look like? NEW RESOURCE PUBLISHED

This is one of the great mysteries of Colchester’s past.

There is no doubt that the Grey Friars complex would have been a significant landmark in the town during the mediaeval period.

But, apart from some re-used material in modern walls, and limited below-ground remains identified in small-scale archaeological excavations (by Colchester Archaeological Trust), William Stukeley’s 1718 sketch is the most comprehensive piece of evidence we have on which to base an analysis of how the site looked when occupied by friars from the 1220s to 1538 when Henry VIII’s agent brought about its dissolution. GF 1718 Stukeley

Nevertheless, we’ve put together and analysed all the evidence we can find and the fascinating results can be seen in a 3-page document, available by clicking the ‘resources’ button in the top menu.

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