Lectures share project’s findings

Various themes of interest to groups

The most recent lecture using the project’s discoveries was enjoyed by students on the BA degree course at Colchester Institute’s School of Art annexe in the Minories.


Appropriately situated opposite Grey Friars, the Minories is an ideal setting for studies in art and design.

The BA degree students were particularly interested to hear the social history of Grey Friars, in connection with a project inspired by the refurbishment of the premises as an hotel. They received a lecture and were able to request much of the illustrative material to use in their assignments, including the Time Line leaflet, which is available to download from this website’s Resource section.

Other recent lectures ….

The Friends of Colchester Museums enjoyed a detailed presentation on the project’s findings so far. A varied lecture, delivered in two sections by Alan Skinner (on the site’s history, development ownership and use) and Joan Gurney (on the architecture of the current complex of buildings) gave an insight into the progress on the book. As a result of the lecture, a number of valuable contributions to the project have come from local people.

The Colchester Tourist Guides, particularly concerned with the history of the whole site (bounded by High Street, Roman Road, Castle Road and the northern town wall) received an illustrated lecture on the various phases of development. The site’s changing characteristics from Roman times, through medieval, Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods were of particular interest.

For information on the range of illustrated presentations available, email   access.books@btinternet.com  or use the contact form on this website.