News article in Gazette raises interest

Community’s feelings for Grey Friars on show

Following the press article in the Gazette and County Standard over the Christmas / New Year holiday there have been a number of positive and helpful contacts on the web, email, by telephone, letter and even in the street. Many of them are in time to be included in the book, and others will be featured on this website in the News or Resources sections.

An on-line summary of the article can be viewed on

Fond memories and continued interest are displayed in these online comments on the Gazette website …

Route88 said… “It was a sad day when this place closed down. Over the years many people used it to enhance their qualifications so that they could get a university place. Now there is nowhere left to do this as far as I am aware.”

Ozzie said… “I started back on the road to a great education at Greyfriars and the staff and tutors there inspired me to progress on to eventually undertake a degree and I also completed a postgraduate degree as well. I feel it was an immense mistake by the ‘decision makers’ to close such a fantastic educational establishment. I, for one, am eternally grateful for the way the college helped change the course of my life. I look forward to reading the book.”

Boris said… “A few weeks ago, I attended a lecture by Mr Skinner and Mrs Gurney about Greyfriars. The history of that building is truly fascinating, and they presented the story very well, with lots of illustrations. The book will surely be a success when it comes out.”

brooks said… “Such a wonderful place x.”

Hamiltonandy said… “Look forward to the book. Hopefully it will be as fascinating as the local books on the history of Essex County Hospital and our engineering hero Paxman.”



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