Family connection discovered!

Rosemary Jewers writes: “On 8th June 2015 members of the Colchester Civic Society were invited to view a newly refurbished Colchester building. I thought I would seize the opportunity and see the property, known as Grey Friars as it will soon be open as a Hotel. On a table I noticed a book, titled ‘Grey Friars – Colchester’s Forgotten Corner’. It was packed full of information about the history, development and architecture of the site. I was interested to see if the book mentioned the names of some of the former owners of the house. Flicking through the pages I was amazed to read that one owner was Capt. FitzRoy Wilson – sometimes written as Fitzroy. As it was such an unusual name, I was sure he had to be a relative of mine. What a surprise!”

You can see her report by clicking on this title> GF resident Fitzroy Wilson

PO directory 1874 East Hill

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Rosemary says, “You may be interested in another piece of family history that relates to the Wilsons and Savills and a Colchester house I found on East Hill. On that website, there are a few photos and background information and a simplified family tree as a pdf, see link … …

I have also linked Maitlands at Distillery Pond to Robert Savill son of John and Frances Savill of East Hill.”

You can also read information about Rosemary’s book ‘Revelations from old Parish Magazines’ at … …

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