The Convent Era – more material

The census of 1911 shows occupation of both Grey Friars (including Hillcrest) and All Saints House by the nuns for their convent and school.

It states that there are 57 people in residence across 36 rooms occupied in Grey Friars and 8 rooms in All Saints House. Unfortunately it does not differentiate between types of accommodation.

The nuns (described as ‘inmates’) number 25, aged between 27 and 70 years. 15 were French, 5 British, 2 Irish, a Syrian and a Belgian.

A further 3 ‘inmates’ are described as teachers and are listed with the schoolchildren. 26 pupils aged 11-18 years were recorded; 12 from France, 11 from England (including three sisters aged 11, 13 and 18) and 3 from Ireland. There were 3 visitors, all single women aged 24, 26 and 35.

Some postcards which have recently come into our possession give a fascinating glimpse into life at Grey Friars during that time.

Click the title for a downloadable leaflet >        GF Convent School 1911

… and for a newly-discovered postcard from 1908> Grey Friars Convent garden 1908 postcard