HERITAGE WEEKEND 2015 – New Milestones Reached!

We have reached two new milestones in our bid to tell the full story of the corner of Colchester known as Grey Friars.

This website has now had well over 5,000 users, resulting in tens of thousands of pages having been read. Many people have contributed new material, or directed us to sources of further information – much covering the 100 years of education on site.

For our Heritage Weekend leaflet please click on this title> HERITAGE WEEKEND 2015

We are particularly pleased that more material covering the Convent School era is now coming in. Much of it is in the form of photographic postcards sent home by the French girls who boarded there. We are having them translated and will as soon as possible add them to the existing resource item on the 1904-1919 period.

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Not all new material is yet available as much needs collating and editing, but we’re constantly working on it, so please revisit this site occasionally to see what’s been added.

It will soon be necessary to sort the vast amount of information into clear categories, but in the meantime you can still find fascinating insights into the past by clicking on the ‘news’ and ‘resources’ buttons on the top menu, and scrolling through for updates. (PLEASE NOTE: Some entries have been updated within the original posting.)

When we get the chance, the project team will be dividing the new material into themes to cover all the areas: ROMAN; MEDIAEVAL; SOCIAL HISTORY; THE CONVENT SCHOOL; COLCHESTER COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL; and THE ADULT COMMUNITY COLLEGE.

We’re picking up new users all the time, and about 20% regularly revisit the site to keep up with the new additions. It’s a bit tricky carrying out the updates and maintenance, as there aren’t many substantial daytime slots in which we can close the site to work on it. Even nights are difficult as we have a worldwide audience.

In the meantime, there’s a search facility at the top of the page which you can use for finding specific material.

The 2nd milestone:

We’re now on Facebook, www.facebook.com/greyfriarscolchester and our page (although only open a few weeks) has passed 200 ‘likes’ and an increasing number of ‘shares’. We’re grateful to those who are supporting this new venture and hope that it will open up our project to many more participants.

This is truly a ‘sharing heritage’ community learning activity, so please keep spreading the word to keep the information, pictures, new material and memories coming in.  

All queries, comments and suggestions are welcome c/o the ‘contact us’ buttons or by email to access.books@btinternet.com (which is the publishing arm of our education charity responsible for these activities).

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