Postcards from the Past • The Convent era • 1904 – 1919

1909 postcard December reverse 1909 postcard December picture

By the time the Grey Friars convent school opened, post cards (especially photo cards) had become a popular, quite cheap way of staying in touch when away from family and friends.

To see the collection so far, including translations of the messages, click on title to open documents>  Postcards from the Past part 1   Postcards from the Past part 2     This resource has been presented in two parts due to the size of the files.


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    Fascinating! Thanks for this. Had no idea that there was so much history before CCHS. Will keep watching for more revelations. Thanks again.

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      Project Team

      Thank you. A new development that will no doubt interest you and other CCHS alumnae is a fresh look at some of the work of skilled craftsmen (carvings, plasterwork, architectural details) revealed in the recent refurbishment. This should be ready by March 2016, so revisit us and please tell friends and colleagues.